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FABRIC 'Homage to the Colony Room' by Millie Laws

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FABRIC 'Homage to the Colony Room'

Material: 19 mm Crepe Satin

The full design panel measures 1,36 x 2,14 meters. Minimum order is 2,14 meters.(Note: the price is not per meter but per panel).
See film of fabric here.

Millie Law's works were on exhibit at BIG WOMEN curated by Sarah Lucas at Firstsite Colchester. Curated by one of Britain’s most significant contemporary artists – Sarah Lucas – and featuring the work of over twenty high-profile female artists, the BIG WOMEN exhibition includes a variety of works that will make you think, laugh and reflect on the role women play in the creative world.
BIG WOMEN at  Firstsite 10 Feb - 18th of June 2023. See


Camera and collaboration: Vanessa Fristedt and background photo by Sam Roberts.
Thank you Gavin Turk and Abigail Lane for studio and advice.

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